Annual report 2014
The mission of

Don't defend, always attack. Those are the tactics with which Jaap de Groot keeps Telesport at the head of the journalistic field. "We have the moral obligation not to weaken."

Name: Jaap de Groot
Age: 59
Position: Editor in Chief of Telesport
Brand: Telesport

"I always go for the attack. I did that in my teenage years when I played baseball for the Dutch under-18s team, and also in 1975 when I joined De Telegraaf, the daily newspaper of North Holland. My lefty colleagues thought I'd gone nuts. And that's exactly why I persevered. I'm not one for following the crowd. And I was brought up with the standards that I attribute to De Telegraaf: being enterprising, daring, doing.

Taking the initiative soon resulted in my first big newspaper scoop: an interview with Pelé who was making his first and only major transfer. The press manager wouldn't allow it, but I put together a flight plan and got to meet the footballer. I stayed in the same hotel, talked to the team captain and used him to get in touch with the trainer. In the end, he agreed to me interviewing Pelé in the changing rooms.

Being enterprising, daring, doing; that is De Telegraaf”

TMG always needs to think one step ahead. That's how we stay ahead of our competitors. And whatever resources we deploy, it mustn't be a half-baked project. It always has to be an A-brand. Take VROUW for example. Thanks to all the innovations, it's soon become a true TMG brand, which is clever stuff. It also gives us the moral obligation not to weaken. If we do, it will have a direct impact on the newspaper as a whole.

Take your mike with you

The plan of attack used at Telesport is the relay theory. We start with the newspaper in the morning, then switch the focus to online, followed by our online video news early in the evening. We then also try to participate in the dialogue of the day via other media. Those tactics have been well noted in the editorial office. Our reporters often not only take their notepad but also a camera and microphone, so that they can supply input for all our media. That's how we can justify our pay-off 'Telesport, the sports news channel of the Netherlands, 24/7'. We always work as a team.

As the editor in chief, I do a lot of managing, but I still like to get out in the field. After major events such as a Formula 1 Grand Prix or the World Cup in Brazil, I'll be sitting in the office, flushed with excitement . It gives me energy, that same feeling as when we have a scoop. I love the competitiveness of my profession. And experience has taught me that you score the most when you attack."

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