Annual report 2014
The mission of

Evert Santegoeds lives for stories that keep the Dutch population talking. "With the largest newspaper, the largest weekly magazine and the greatest number of hits on the site, TMG is the perfect platform for 24/7 entertainment news."

Name: Evert Santegoeds
Age: 53

Position: Editor in Chief 

Brand: Privé

“Privé founder Henk van der Meijden was way ahead of his time. In the late 1950s and the infamous 1960s, he was the first and for many years the only person to concentrate on what was then referred to as 'human interest'. More than 50 years on, gossip is hotter than ever before.
Switch on a TV in America, and besides the weather and plenty of sports, you'll be bombarded with news about celebrities from the early morning to late evening. Entertainment news is also starting to take over the Dutch media landscape. It dominates four gossip magazines, three daily TV shows and even newspapers that used to ignore it in years gone by.

Benefiting even more from the strength of gossip news, as the number one”

Privé is number one in entertainment. Every day in De Telegraaf, every week in the magazine, and all day long on, it reveals the ups and downs of TV and film stars, sports personalities and international royalty. And I'm sure the latter category would agree: noblesse oblige. It's my mission for Privé to be the largest and stay the largest.

That doesn't just happen all by itself. It takes the biggest network, the best sources, the greatest and most exclusive photos and, first and foremost, a team of reporters out there where the news is happening, day and night. The exclusive stories don't just turn up. And the revelations that often keep the Netherlands talking for days or weeks after being published in Privé are – luckily! – few and far between.

Eating and drinking news

My great mentor Van der Meijden kindled my passion for this strange profession at an early age. I eat and drink entertainment news and I can be reached 24/7, because 'you never know who might call.' As Van der Meijden always said, 'Luck is with the hard workers.' So it's always very satisfying to discover a story that will keep people talking or to come up with an angle for the magazine that nobody else has thought of.
With the largest newspaper, the largest weekly magazine and the greatest number of hits on the site, TMG is the perfect platform, of course. Combining the newspaper and magazine (again) was a logical progression, a first step that will be followed by a second. After all, why shouldn't we sell these two fantastic media together? I think this offers opportunities that need to be looked at more carefully. We also need to look carefully at successful initiatives with paywalls, though these have yet to reach the Netherlands.

Gossip is more attractive than ever before. As the number one in entertainment, we should be able to make more out of it. If I have anything to do with it, 2015 will be the beginning of that."

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