Annual report 2014
The mission of

If you say Radio Veronica, you say Jeroen van Inkel. A combination of many years of experience at the radio station and a little gut feeling have brought him closer to achieving his mission: "I want to make the station one of the main players in radio land."

Name: Jeroen van Inkel
Age: 53
Position: DJ
Brand: Radio Veronica

"Veronica was my favourite radio station from a young age. Why? Because music has always been what matters, like Veronica's Rocknight when you could watch and listen to live performances. I thought to myself, ‘that's where I want to be’. And here I am. From pirate station to A-brand broadcaster; I've grown with Veronica. It was a unique experience seeing such developments close at hand and it certainly gave me a unique relationship with Radio Veronica. It's hardly surprising that I always came 'home' after experimenting with other stations. I feel that strong connection when I say 'welcome to Radio Veronica' to the listeners. It feels like it's meant to be. It’s like putting on your most comfortable sweater.

Radio Veronica is a sleeping giant with enormous potential”

I want to develop the Radio Veronica brand wherever possible, in terms of its image and market share. The station needs to become one of the main radio players again. That's certainly possible, because Radio Veronica is a sleeping giant with enormous potential. With the right feeling, the brand can evolve properly into a radio station that features some of the best music of the past but with both feet firmly in the present, with the latest news, modern jingles and popular games such as De Stemband.

And the rest is mainly down to gut feeling: what do the listeners want? I have a good feel for that. After 30 years of road-shows, I can still get the audience onto the dance floor, shirtless, within an hour. That’s when I know that I still understand what makes people tick.

Radio is a slow business

Of course it takes time to attract new listeners. Radio is a slow business, But once you've got them, they'll often stay loyal to the station. I love the fact that Radio Veronica gives me the freedom to take a few risks here and there; playing new artists who have yet to make a name for themselves. That too is essential. Listeners want to be surprised.

In my shows, I often fall back on other strong TMG brands, such as the Telesport editors. If I want to interview someone from the sporting world, they have the contacts. The strength of TMG lies in the fact that we can make use of each other's strengths. It also allows us to respond quickly, which you need to do in today's rapid, digital world. You need to keep up. Everybody wants to be a number 1 hit in the end, don't they?

Yet even a music freak like me sometimes enjoys not listening to music. When I’m reading, all I want to hear is the central heating ticking, or ominous film music while I'm working on my thriller novel. Writing is my second passion, which I accidentally discovered while telling stories to my children. I really just like to communicate by whatever means possible. I'm looking to create an oasis of peace in which people feel at home and safe. Just like the comfortable sweater that Radio Veronica symbolises for me."

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