Annual report 2014
The mission of

In recent years, VROUW has grown from a fortnightly page in De Telegraaf into a brand with its own image. With a magazine, a glossy, an online environment, workshops, girlfriends’ weekend and concerts, brand manager Klaar Bavinck has developed this spearhead into a popular media platform.

Name: Klaar Bavinck
Age: 43
Position: brand manager
Brand: VROUW

"The VROUW mission is to give women someone to talk to. We do so using subjects such as relationships, psyche, fashion, beauty and food, preferably with a link to current affairs. All the things that I enjoy discussing with girlfriends. VROUW began as a page in De Telegraaf but we want to develop it into a brand, whose own strength makes it part of women's daily routines. Look at TMG brands such as Privé, Sky Radio and of course De Telegraaf itself, they're all large national media brands that consumers consciously choose. That's where we want to put VROUW.

It all takes time, research, innovation and consultation with colleagues. And I'm pleased to dive in because innovation, improvement and learning are my driving factors. I learn the most from colleagues. There are so many different people working at TMG: in the editorial office, in sales, business development, etc. By working intensively with colleagues from various disciplines, I can learn from their experience, knowledge and background. It's this inspiration that helps me continue to innovate VROUW.

I want to make VROUW a part of the daily routine”

Two years ago, we launched a magazine called VROUW Glossy. The first issue was sold out within a week. We now produce six issues per year. In the past year, we've also had success with VROUW Café, a workshop or presentation for 120 women. Another milestone is VROUW in concert: a live performance by a popular artist for 5,000 women. We began with Jan Smit, followed by Nick and Simon. There are plenty more big names on our wish list. Luckily, successful performing artists are easier to approach thanks to the TMG name.


We organise all kinds of other activities during these concerts. While Jan Smit is performing in the main auditorium, the women can wander around the stands and get their nails varnished, for example. That's proof enough: our visitors don't just come for the performance, but also for VROUW and the total picture it offers. We organise it all in-house and I'm proud of that. It's the best bit of being part of such an impressive media concern as TMG. You can think big. Developing our brand into an established, cross-media platform really energises me! Women will naturally turn to our platform for their daily dose of information and entertainment."

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