Annual report 2014
The mission of

As a little boy, Werner Budding used to wait by the letterbox for the latest edition of Autovisie. Now he himself is the ambassador for the most important media brand in the automotive market. "We have so many opportunities to continue to develop. That’s where our strength lies."

Name: Werner Budding
Age: 42
Position: car journalist Autovisie/De Telegraaf
Brand: Autovisie

"As a child, Friday was my favourite day of the week, because that's when Autovisie was delivered. It was the magazine. I was obsessed by cars, and wanted to know all about them. I collected yearbooks, for example, containing all the models marketed that year, and learned all the specifications off by heart. That passion was kindled by my father, who himself was a car journalist. Or a car tester, as I called him. That's what I wanted to be when I grew up.

That dream has come true. I've been able to turn my passion into my profession and I now work for the best automotive magazine in the Netherlands. And even though the media landscape is changing drastically, our brand still sets the trend. We do so because of our good image and reputation, and especially because of our successful approach to new cross-media initiatives. The magazine is as strong as ever, but it’s the combination with the Telegraaf brand which offers us so many opportunities.

I've turned my passion into my profession”

To begin with, we can reach a broad audience in print, online and also on radio and TV. However, as an ambassador for such a leading media brand, I also get a warm welcome from competitive media, such as other radio stations. It opens many doors in the professional field, giving me access to the most important people in the automotive industry.

So much to say

I'm ambitious. I want to be the best in my profession. That's why I need to be here. There is so much to say about cars and everything related to them, and I can communicate to people on so many different platforms. It's that variation which makes my job fun. I can get people excited about the latest models of cars, while at the same time introducing other important developments in the automotive world. This might concern economic issues or political developments with regard to taxes, for example.

I've developed that broad orientation over the years. But what I still really enjoy is to be the first to drive a new model and the first to write about it. I travel all over the world for 180 days a year to do so. It's a great privilege.

I always want to go that one step further. There are 10 million people with driving licences in the Netherlands. And although they don't all share my passion for cars, I still recognise enough opportunities to bring this subject across to people in various ways, whether it's the emergence of new Chinese car brands, or a phenomenon such as Max Verstappen, who is to make his début in Formula 1 in 2015. Everywhere I go, I see chances to develop my work and Autovisie in the future. Reaching even more people with my passion is what drives me."

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